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The World Today

Brands and retailers ask customers to register their product and warranty, store their invoice, and search for relevant product data online because it’s not easily accessible. This creates a disconnect between brands and customers post-sale.

A retailer sells a product: There is no activation, no connection made

The customer unboxes the product, finds papers that provide no engagment or value

The customer wants to know more about the product, but needs to find the paper manual or search for a PDF manual

The customer is in need of service but must find the relevant service channel and invoice with no assistance

The World
With Volleto

Retailers and brands serve customers as they expect to be served today: providing all the customer needs at time of sale, delivering a personalized account with product knowledge, one-click service, and full warranty data so customers can enjoy the product with peace of mind

Volleto provides a new product warranty and digital platform

Distributors and retailers are connected to the same platform with full visibility

The warranty is activated at time of sale, by the retailer

The customer scans the warranty

Volleto’s personalized product onboarding with one-click service creates a lasting connection and tranforms the customer experience

Consumer Trust is Number One in Global Retail

Brands and retailers can work together with Volleto’s eWarranty platform to transform their customer service and create lasting relationships

A unified solution for:

  • Brands
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Service centers

Benefits for Retailers

Tools for the digital era

Volleto provides the right tools to serve customers and earn their trust for the long term.

Reduces unsold inventory

Volleto improves production accuracy and sales predictions, reducing retailers’ unsold inventory to a minimum.


Each retailer and distributor sees the same data the brand sees.


Volleto’s platform fights the grey market with its low price retailers and proof of product authenticity.

Tools for the age of service

Today’s customers expect to be served immediately, under their terms.

Brand-retailer-customer interaction

Research shows when customers interact with both the retailer and the brand, it build a much stronger relationship for the long term, leading to repeat sales.


Globally deployed in
over 80 countries

Our clients range from large eCommerce companies and retail chains to small family-owned stores and operate all over the world.


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Fabien De-Nanocourt,
Head of sales Bell&Ross
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Jean-Christophe Lechevrier,
Sales manager Messika group


of sales people said Volleto is the biggest positive change applied in their company

*internal non-affiliated survey

Platform Components

Product Activation System

Cross-platform, white label secure system which allows warranty activation at point-of-sale, by the seller, in just a few clicks. Field proven. No training required.

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Product certificates

Secured, white-label solution for online product certificates. Personalized, authenticated and counterfeit protected certificates. Fully hosted solution.

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Customer registration, Product onboarding,
Immediate service

Providing a unique customer experience tailored for each and every product.

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