Bring the In-Store Experience Online

Discover the power of video and
never miss another sale.

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Instantly connect to shoppers to answer questions, compare products, upsell, and create a one-of-a-kind online experience that will turn casual browsers into repeat customers.

The status quo won't help you win in eCommerce

There are more than 24 million online stores, which means consumers have virtually endless choices for where to shop. Without a unique service option to differentiate your brand and Wow! customers, it will be impossible to stand out in a saturated online market.

Increase efficiency &
watch your revenue soar

Automatically qualify website visitors so your in-store staff can focus on serving high-intent shoppers. Deliver real-time recommendations and personalized service to boost sales and ensure customer satisfaction. 

How it works?


When a new visitor appears on your site, a chat greets them with two simple questions and introduces them to an in-store expert.


The in-store expert can provide assistance over chat or by opening a video call. Customers have the option to remain anonymous if they wish.


In the event that the in-store expert is unavailable, a shopper can leave their contact details or schedule a call for later.

Outrageous Advantages

Competitive User Experience

Set the new standard for premium Customer Experience and dominate your competition.

Higher Online Sales Efficiency

Capture the momentum of high-intent shoppers by providing hyper-personalized service in real-time. 

More Conversions
& Greater Revenue

Nothing sells like a real human-to-human connection. Utilize video to answer customer questions, offer real-time recommendations, and increase shoppers’ baskets.

Zero-Touch Setup

Get Volleto up and running without writing a single line of code. Simply add a short code snippet in Google Tag Manager and get started.

Crystal Clear
HD Video

Enjoy the clarity of full HD 1080p video chatting. This is as close as you’ll get to delivering in-person sales online.

Optimal Use of
Low-Traffic Hours

When foot traffic to your physical stores slows down, keep sales high with in-store service delivered online. 




What happens if all of the store staff are occupied and unavailable to answer chat messages?

In-store experts availability is automatically monitored in the background. In the event that there is nobody available to chat with a shopper, an automatic process will navigate the shopper to create an appointment / be notified upon expert reply or leave their details to be contacted at a later time. This enables the store to leverage low-traffic hours without neglecting in-store customers.



Which devices does Volleto | Live work on?

Volleto Live is a web app and therefore compatible with all internet connected devices.



How can I be sure in-store customers know that floor staff are on professional video calls with online customers and not personal ones?

One common solution is to designate a place in the store to host video calls. There, you can add a small sign that explains those employees are speaking to other customers. Other stores choose to equip their sales experts with phone mounts so they can be hands free and emphasize that they are on a call with a shopper.



How can we motivate store employees to answer the chat and video calls?

There are many ways to motivate sales staff to answer chat and video calls, such as by redefining the expectations of their role, providing commissions for closing sales on the platform, or incorporating use of the platform in new-hire onboarding.



What if an online customer wants to see a product that is out of stock?

In this case, in-store experts can still provide detailed explanations of the product, as well as offer similar alternatives that are available. If the customer is only interested in the product that is out of stock, the sales team member can order it for them or identify another branch that has it in-store.



What if a website visitor begins “trolling” in-store staff?

Our simple qualification questions will help you weed out irrelevant site visitors and focus on serving high-intent customers.



What if a shopper isn’t comfortable with being seen on video, but they still want to view the employee showing a specific product?

The video platform allows customers to stay “anonymous” by turning off the video on their end. Alternatively, customers can utilize chat only to ask questions and hear from in-store staff.



What if my business requires unique customizations and integrations? 

Need something specific? We got you. Volleto is offering professional services and platform customizations to ensure your precise business and technical needs are met.