What is the Connected Commerce system?

Think of “connected commerce” as a way for brands to get a complete picture of their entire distribution chain and empower their retailers, their service centers and customers.

Ours is the only solution that generates real-time data from third party distributors and connects the end-customer to the retailer and the brand, creating a “connected-commerce” experience.

Through Volleto’s cloud platform, product warranties are seamlessly integrated with customer data to create a complete picture of the commerce experience, from the initial ideas of a brand’s product development to how the customer enjoys the final product. A brand’s marketing, wholesale, and finance departments can now act in concert with one another, maximizing overall efficiency and effectiveness, and helping you get a crucial edge in your market.

How does the platform work?

Volleto’s product warranty is activated at point of sale, by the retailer, through Volleto’s platform on the cloud. No training is required, no hardware is needed, and the system can be used on multiple devices. Warranty cards with unique QR codes can be scanned using any device. Every activation is updated on all dashboards immediately, allowing retailers, wholesale dealers and brands to track every purchase, return and replacement in real time, and make informed decisions based on precise data.

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If I become a Volleto client, what is included in my purchase?

Digital Product Warranty, which can be activated only by authorized accounts

Fully Customized Digital Certificates

Product Registration and customer accounts

AI based data insights and analytics (*beta)

Full support and guarantees to eliminate fraud, secure your data and ensure you receive complete 24/7

What verticals does Volleto’s solution work best with?

Global product brands face challenges obtaining immediate and accurate retail data across a range of verticals, and so Volleto has a range of clients.

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How will end-customer data be protected?

The warranty is activated anonymously, respecting the end-customer’s right to privacy.

Who are Volleto’s founders?

Dan Blechner CEO

Oleg Kushniriov, CTO

Where can I read more about Volleto’s solution?

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I want to learn more. Who should I contact?

We’d love to hear from you. Please email us at info@volleto.com

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