How Volleto Works


Volleto’s platform provides brands with a powerful, dynamic picture of their entire operation.

Brands will understand their entire operation throughout their distribution network, from detailed activity logs to summary reports.

Brands can fully customize the platform, ensure that confidential information does not reach unauthorized users, and enable groundbreaking post-sale interactions between them, the retailer, and the end-customer.


At each point of sale, retailers activate the customer’s product warranty through Volleto’s platform

Retailers can track all product and inventory data and target marketing campaigns using real-time sales performance.

There are no additional training costs as activation is simple, intuitive, user-friendly, and available in multiple languages. Warranty information can only be changed from authorized accounts.


After the retailer has activated the product warranty, the customer can review it, register their product with one click, and access a peronalized experience through Volleto’s platform at any time.

Customers don’t need to make any phone calls, chat with bots, or wait for service. With the authenticity of their product verified, product information a click away, and superior service readily available 24/7, customers can enjoy a brand’s product with complete peace of mind.

Volleto activates eWarranty for brands in three steps

Volleto transforms the traditional product warranty into a powerful, customizable digital platform by:

Volleto provides a new product warranty and digital platform

configuring the best solution for each brand’s specific needs

deploying these solutions across the distribution network

Brands and retailers enjoy a data-driven, transformative change to marketing, sales and production, while customers enjoy quality products with superior service

When you join Volleto’s
platform, you receive:

Product Warranty

Can be viewed on multiple platforms

Can be tracked and managed in real time

Validated and authenticated by retailers and consumers

Paperless (eliminates waste, and provides the best value for brands, retailers and customers)

Digital Certificates

Volleto provides a digital certificate for each product, designed to eliminate fraudulent warranty activations and claims.

Product Registration and Out-Of-Box experience

AI based data insights and analytics (*beta)

Fraud eimination

Data security

Use cases include:

Luxury and premium consumer goods, including from direct to consumer brands

Household goods, including kitchen appliances

Sports equipment and accessories

Commercial goods

Volleto’s product warranty drives real-time insights for brands, retailers and customers