What motivates people to register their products?

Dan Blechner  |  
March 11, 2021

Many brands try to convince their consumers to register their products and provide them with their details through online forums.
These forums reveal how much product brands don’t know about their consumers while including questions such as: What product did you buy? Where did you purchase the item? At what price?
These methods work for some better than others.
Brands who enjoy higher registry conversion rates are providing consumers with additional value in exchange for their details:
Safety information: a consumer wants to make sure he\she assembles the product correctly and uses it properly
Connectivity: consumers often want to connect to communities of people who own similar products as they do, interact and engage with each other
Ongoing information: additional updated information about the product\ the industry\ trends\ how influencers are using these products\ nearby events and more
Additional features: brands that go the extra mile for their consumers can provide digital packages that keep track of usage, automatically monitor the product through time and suggest care instructions and all kinds of recommendations concerning the product usage
Service: people tend to register their products if it would ease the process of receiving service 

Providing this additional value and avoiding the bothering of consumers with endless questions is possible through generating and managing the right data.