Your Challenge

As a global product brand, you are driven to succeed everywhere you and your distributors operate around the world.

To stay ahead, you need access to reliable sellout, or sell-through, data rapidly and seamlessly.

Unlocking this information is critical for your production, inventory, operations and marketing teams to lead in today’s hypercompetitive retail world.

Digital disruption and instantaneous online transactions across today’s global markets are showing no signs of slowing down.

You cannot afford to be left behind.

Our Solution

Volleto knows how necessary sell-through data is to the best global product brands.

We designed our platform specifically to address your brand’s challenges.

Our new digital product warranty opens the door to a new world of data, knowledge, and service for you and your entire global operation. With it, you can digitally transform your distribution chain.

Volleto’s is the only solution on the market that allows you to:

generate real-time sell-through data from third-party distributors across your network

connect your brand directly to your retailers and the sales floor

connect your end-customer directly to your brand

Volleto creates a “connected commerce” experience

The Connected Commerce platform allows you to target your manufacturing, inventory, and marketing plans to serve your customers in a revolutionary way.


Transformative Benefits:

  • Real-time sales data across your entire supply chain
  • An end to the challenges of excess or unsold stock
  • New customer insights
  • Frictionless customer service
  • From environmentally wasteful to paperless warranties

Exponential Value:

Bring down costs and increase your revenues by sharpening your manufacturing and inventory
Gain as much as a tenfold increase in customer engagement from data you own and generate
Drive customer and brand loyalty with highly targeted marketing campaigns and unparalleled service

Globally Deployed

Our clients range from large eCommerce companies and retail chains to small family-owned stores and operate all over the world.

The Connected Commerce platform has been proven in the field in more than 90 countries. It is designed to work seamlessly across different organizational departments and time zones, so that you, your executives, and your staff across the world can make superior decisions in real time and with maximum impact.


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Head of sales Bell&Ross
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Jean-Christophe Lechevrier,
Sales manager Messika group


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